Couple married for 70 years reunited after months apart due to coronavirus restrictions

Around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has prevented many family members and loved ones from seeing each other. One group that has been particularly isolated are senior citizens, and even more so, senior citizens living in nursing homes. As the world slowly reopens and families can see one another again, no story is quite as heartwarming as this couple married for 70 years, being reunited after months apart.

Couple Married for 70 Years Reunited

89-year old Jean Willard was finally reunited with her 91-year old husband Walter after being forced apart due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A wonderful display of true love after 70 years of marriage, the couple could not stop kissing and hugging each other after several months apart.

Both of the Walters were in good health up until last year when Jean had a bad fall and broke her hip. It was then discovered that she also had some signs of dementia. (1)

Jean moved into the nursing home around the corner from their home in Troy, New York. Walter visited her every single day, usually spending his entire day there until she went to bed.

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