30 times karma got a little carried away

Karma is a funny old thing. Sometimes, it won’t rear its ugly head until years after you did something bad- then just when you think you’re in the clear- surprise! Here it is. We’re all for a bit of light-hearted karma to help teach people a lesson, but sometimes, karma just can’t help to take it a little too far, and the consequences can be terrible- and dare we say it- a little hilarious.

To prove our point, here are 30 photos to illustrate the times karma got a little carried away. They might make you feel better about your current life situation!

1. The broken dreams of a professional chef

We have to admit that this picture worried us a little bit, as we didn’t even believe that the surface of one of these stoves could break like that! This picture leaves us wanting to know the entire backstory. How on earth did this happen??

2. We’d probably still eat it

Everyone knows that feeling when you’re starving hungry and the one snack that you had been looking forward to for hours ends up all over the floor. We don’t know what this person did to deserve this, but it must have been something very, very bad. A picture has never broken our hearts like this before.

3. The wrong seating choice

The only thing more embarrassing than a sprinkler in the face is a sprinkler in the face in front of your classmates. This poor child is the unlucky one of the bunch, and we bet his classmates have never let him live this down. Credit to the photographer for quickly capturing this hilarious moment, as well!

4. A major paint explosion

What kind of bumpy roads had this car been driving on, to achieve a paint explosion on such a magnificent scale? We can imagine the argument between the driver and the passenger all too clearly… “You said you’d secured the lids before we started driving!”

5. Painting stairs is dangerous

Painting at heights can be dangerous in more than one way, as this man soon found out. The splattering of paint on the steps tells a brutal story. We’re going to assume that the man slipped, fell down the stairs with his paint pot in hot pursuit, and ended up covered in it.

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