11 Celebrities Copied Their Colleagues’ Outfits, and We Can’t Decide Who Wins This Fashion Battle

Some world-famous celebrities hire a whole team of stylists and makeup artists to make their every public appearance spectacular and original. But not everyone manages to look unique when coming up with a new look, because different celebrities may like similar outfits from the same fashion brands and designers. And sometimes, celebrities mirror their colleagues on purpose. While some of them do it very delicately, only borrowing some details and distinctive features here and there, others completely copy other celebrities’ outfits. We have found out which world-famous celebrities secretly use each other and find inspiration in other people’s looks. It turned out that even those who are considered fashion icons have been caught plagiarizing several times.

Kate Middleton and Caitlin Jenner

© GF / bauergriffinonline.com / East News© TS, PacificCoastNews / EAST NEWS In 2015, when Caitlin Jenner gained self-confidence, she started to appear often in public and pose for the paparazzi wearing exquisite outfits. It seems like she decided to learn from the experience of her acknowledged style icon, Kate Middleton, who she’s taken many ideas for her looks from. For example, Caitlin’s blue dress with lace very much resembles an outfit that Duchess of Cambridge chose for a public event in 2011.

Rihanna and Rita Ora

© Dwayne Senior / eyevine / EAST NEWS© MAVRIXONLINE.COM / EAST NEWS Since Rita Ora appeared in show business for the first time, people started to compare her with Rihanna. And there were reasons for this — many of her outfits clearly resemble the gowns of the singer from Barbados. Rita got inspired by Rihanna’s everyday and evening outfits, as well as by her stage costumes. For example, Rita wore a satin dress with a high slit on the red carpet 2 years after Rihanna shone brightly in a similar outfit.

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