50 People Who Took Jokes To The Next Level With Their Hilarious Puns

You’ve heard the phrase “no pun intended,” but puns are always intended and they’re usually hilarious. A pun plays off of the different possible meanings of a word or phrase and usually are quite comical. Puns are considered play-on-words crafted for the purpose of creating humor for others. Play-on-words may come from words that sound the same but have different spellings or meanings, or one word by itself has more than one meaning. Jokes that are in the form of puns may seem cheesy, but they actually are considered to be an artful and clever use of language. Some of the best puns out there can be found on social media, particularly on Twitter. Below are 50 of the best, knee-slapping, silly, mystifying, guffawing puns we found. Check them out and see if you find they funny, too.

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