55 Things To Bring Back Memories Of Elementary School

Elementary school was a strange time for most of us. By now, it was so long ago we might’ve forgotten most of the details. Some of the things we never forget them. But other events get buried in the recesses of our minds…that’s until someone digs them out.

Remember what it was like starting school for the first time? You got up early in the morning, jumped on the bus, and went to class. You ate in the cafeteria and played with your friends at recess. Back then, that’s what you did every day, even though it seems like it was a lifetime ago.

And let’s face it. A lot of that stuff was kind of weird. You walked in lines — a lot. You had to ask permission to go to the bathroom. And you ate a BUNCH of unidentifiable cafeteria food.

We’ve all been there. Even though it’s been many years for most of us, we still remember the unique things that went on during that time of our life. Here are 75 things we all did in elementary school.

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