12 Pieces Of Advice Elders Think Teens Should Know

Advice is something that we all can use from time to time, especially when we’re in our teenage years. With that said, it’s not always easy to get through to younger generations – but we’ve still got to try. After all, those of us who are “of a certain age” had to learn it the hard way.

On Reddit, a user named u/Correct_Physics asked:

What advice would you give to someone who just turned 12 years old?

Here are 18 pieces of advice from elders that you’re going to wish you had when you were 12 (but probably would have ignored anyway). Those of us old enough to know realize just how important even the little things are.

You can’t put a price on good advice!



1. Exercise is important

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As a young person, exercising regularly can be something you don’t even think about but as you get older this becomes incredibly important. This isn’t just for physical health, it’s also for your mental well-being. Reddit user u/restoper suggests:

“Exercise at least enough to reduce the daily stress in your life.”


2. Don’t pay attention to peer pressure

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As an 18-year-old, some people can be impressionable and easily influenced by “toxic” people. According to Reddit user u/geronika, the younger you learn to get these people out of your life, the better off you’ll be.

“Dump peer pressure and toxic people out of your life. You control your life, don’t let others do it for you.”


3. Relationship-building

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Building good and healthy relationships is something that you want to learn when you’re young, and Reddit user u/hahahahthunk has good advice on how:

“Learn to listen. Talk with your partner about handling conflict. If you can agree that you are always on the same side, you are halfway there. Then it’s just a matter of figuring out how to handle things together. If you each want the other to be happy, it’s surprisingly easy. You’ll have times that absolutely suck because life is like that, but if you know you always have each others’ backs, those times are much easier.”


4. Do not overlook your teeth

“Take good care of your teeth,” said Reddit user u/NennerNineNine. Dental issues can be something that young people don’t often pay attention to, after all, who wants to go to the dentist?

Anyone who has had to have a root canal can tell you why you should.

5. Walk away and come back to problems before you react

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Being hot-headed is something that many 18-year-olds struggle with, but Reddit user u/BlooregardQKazoo has a good tip on not saying things you’ll regret later:

“I cannot count how many times I’ve written an angry work email, walked away, and when I came back I decided to tone down the language or even completely change my approach. A clear head would have made me regret sending these emails so I cleared my head first.”


6. Make yourself proud

Happiness comes from all sorts of different things, and one of those things can be doing things that make you proud. Reddit user u/hahahahthunk says:

“To be happy, do the things that make you proud.”


7. Consider trade school

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If you’re looking to get into a career that involves a trade, skip the expensive colleges and try out a trade school. Reddit user u/restoper says:

“If you want to be a plumber, craftsmen, carpet installer, mechanic etc. Don’t go to an expensive college. Go to a trade school, or maybe a year at a community college that specialized in programs that you wanted”


8. Hold off on the “dumb stuff”

Reddit user u/restoper was on a roll with the advice, also adding:

“The older I get before I start doing real dumb stuff (drugs, for example), the less likely I will do dumb stuff that effects me long term.”


9. Watch what you post

Remember, things you post on the internet are forever and can come up later in life to bite you on the behind. Reddit user u/restoper says:

“Don’t post things that are easily identifiable to you online that are controversial. (use fake name / account if you can’t help stop yourself from making these types of posts.”


10. Take care of your feet, knees, and back



The older you get, the more things start going wrong with your body. To avoid certain pains when you start aging, make sure you take care of “your feet, and your knees, and your back.”

11. Think ahead

As an 18-year-old, thinking ahead for what you want in your life can be the last thing you feel like doing. Don’t make this mistake, Reddit user u/AlegalHuman suggests:

“Start to think about what sort of person you want to be in your 30s, and identify any gaps you have to fill over the next decade or so to get there.”


12. Use your young age to build up the muscles in your body

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When you’re 18-years-old, it may seem like you have all the time in the world to sculpt the muscles in your body but according to Reddit user u/temp4adhd there’s no better time than when you’re young.

“You’ll never be able to build lean body mass as quickly and efficiently as right now, so pick up some heavy weights if you haven’t already. Your bones and aging body will thank you down the road.”


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