10 Times People Somehow Made Tacky Look Strangely Good

These cringeworthy creations are actually spot on.

There are so many creative geniuses out there in the world who push the boundaries of what is cool and what is maybe a little much. While some of the eye-popping designs we see on the internet or possibly across the street at a neighbor’s house are tacky…they can also be pretty amazing.

1. Sinking Titanic Slide

This Titanic blow up slide. from ATBGE

Nothing says summer fun like a slide that depicts one of the world’s most memorable tragedies at sea…ok maybe not. It may stop you in your tracks but we have to agree that this sinking Titanic slide is sort of epic

2. Barbie Jeep

This real life barbie jeep from ATBGE

This replica of the Barbie Jeep is nothing but fun. All you have to do now is pick up Ken and drive to Malibu!

3. A casket with personality

Hot Rod Casket from ATBGE

Some of us aren’t meant for the traditional. This customized casket makes a bold statement and might make you rethink your future resting place.

4. Hair Jordans

Hair Jordans from ATBGE

Not your typical shoe, this Hair Jordan steals the show. You can’t help but be noticed in these furry kicks

5. Hair or art?

Beaded hair portrait from ATBGE

Everyone knows that styling hair is an art form. This picture takes that to another level. This amazing design proves that portraits aren’t just for the walls anymore.

6. Duct taped car

Was next to a car that was "painted" with duct tape! from funny

Who needs car paint when you can just grab a bunch of duct tape and go to town? This car, fully wrapped in grey duct tape, was spotted out and about. This might be tacky but it’s 100% dedication.

7. Hippo Car

Long time lurker, then I saw this and just had to share. from ATBGE

Everyone has a favorite animal, right? You might have a few figurines or maybe a t-shirt emblazoned with a beloved animal of choice. How about redesigning your car to look like that animal? No? This hippo car is next-level devotion.

8. A suit that says it all

Conor McGregor’s suit of "Fuck you" from ATBGE

UFC champion, Conor McGregor, doesn’t need to tell you how he feels. One look at this hilarious suit and we are pretty confident in knowing what’s on his mind.

9. The Minion firepit

Thought this might fit here from ATBGE

This is the ultimate conversation starter at your next backyard get-together. One might say it’s a bit much but we think it’s a minion times better than a normal fire pit.

10. Gel Silica fashion bag

this silica gel bag from ATBGE

Someone has created a handbag that looks exactly like a tiny gel silica packet. Thoughts? We think it’s pretty fresh.

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