12 Clever Reminders That You’ve Got What It Takes To Succeed

Everyone wants to succeed. All of us live our lives with goals and dreams that we want to achieve someday.

But we know that the journey to success isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. As you go through your journey, expect obstacles along your way.

When things are going great, remember to give yourself a break and remind yourself of the things that motivate you, just like these 12 inspirational quotes:

1. Stand up again.

Failure is part of life but we can’t deny that it lessens our eagerness to succeed. There are times where we let defeat stop us from achieving our goals and it should not be that way.

When you fail, it’s okay to pause, but never stop yourself from bouncing back.



2. Ironing boards will never be the same in our eyes again.

Who would have thought that ironing boards are actually symbolic? It’s all because of this powerful message. If you’re about to give up something that you’ve been working on for a long time, just remember this quote.

3. Choose the right people.

The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on you and your journey. That’s why if you want to be successful, you better be with the people who have a positive outlook on life. Of course, also be with the ones who would be happy about your progress and encourage you when you fail.

4. Perfect combo

All of us have big dreams but not all of us are willing to exert huge efforts. The hard work you put into something would always be the source of your success. So if you want to make it big, don’t hesitate to make extra efforts, too.

5. Don’t let negativity eats you up.

Imagine the things that you could do if you are optimistic. For sure, you would make a lot of great things if you are. And of course, it would be the other way around if you let negativity prevails in your life.

6. Work on the present.

Sometimes, we get too focused on the future and our lives in the past to the point that we forget to cherish the present. We should always remember that the things that we do in the present would affect our future a lot and soon, it would be just part of our past.

7. Every journey has a story.

One of the things that always make us demotivated is when we compare our lives to other people. Your journey might not be as beautiful as other people’s right now but just believe that it would be better someday. And what you’re going through right now would always be part of what you will become in the future.

8. Don’t be afraid of change.

No matter what we do, changes would always be part of our journey whether we like it or not. Changes are always beneficial and it makes your journey worthwhile.

9. Stop holding back.

This is for those who are still hesitant to do something for their dreams. If you really want to turn your dreams into reality, you should start working on them now. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a small start, what’s important is you take a risk to begin your journey.

10. The beauty of our journey

Every single one of us has our own journey. One thing is the same, though. All of them can be beautiful so long as we are all willing to take them. Comparing yours to other people’s journey will just ruin your drive to strive hard.

11. Trusting the process is important.

Don’t be too harsh to yourself and avoid being in a hurry to be the best version of yourself. It’s because it might just prolong the whole process and we don’t want that. Those who are successful now probably went through a lot too.

12. Drop the fear.

If you would let fear overpower you, your journey would never begin. Achieving what you want takes action and courage. Failure is part of life and it shouldn’t be the reason why you’re not yet taking action for your dreams.

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