9 Times People Were Caught Being Sarcastic Smart-Alecks

These people are trolling experts. They get their laughs from messing with other people and upsetting them for no reason other than for their own amusement. In other words, they are total smart-alecks. While they definitely aren’t the kindest individuals in the world, we have to admit, some of the pranks that they pulled are pretty funny.For example, the guy who turned all of the books on the mystery shelf in the library backward. What sort of creative mind would come up with something like that? That’s just one of the many hilarious sarcastic jokes included in this list. Check out a few of them and you’ll be sure to find yourself laughing too.


1. Dr. Hedgehog

Source: sourcreamjunkie
It’s a classic game of catch me if you can. The smart-aleck kept adding an “og” to the end of Dr. Hedgeh’s name. It got the doctor really worked up.


2. Every Day Is The Same

Source: MarthaFarcuss
Some renegade employee at Netflix made it so that the movie Groundhog Day kept showing up as a recommendation over and over again. It’s like the movie just kept repeating itself (that is the actual plot of the movie).


3. Drawing Tips

Source: tripleshift
It turns out, drawing a rose or a head of lettuce is easier than we thought. According to this artist, they are just the same thing painted different colors. Besides that, the two are essentially interchangeable.


4. Outbidding The Reward

Source: Imgur 

This is certainly one way to get a cheap iPod touch. It’s a pretty intelligent idea. Although, it’s definitely highly unethical.


5. Bathroom Cleaning

Source: glnito
The intention of the note was to make sure that the bathroom was sparkling clean and fit for a queen. However, this person took it literally. They made sure the Queen of England would feel right at home.


6. Reset The Clock

Source: cludvic
Sarcasm is a big problem in this office. Everyone is always cracking jokes and playing pranks instead of working. Even the sign about sarcasm itself isn’t off-limits.


7. Wet Floor Sign

The sign is at least somewhat accurate. Everything underneath it is very wet. However, technically, it isn’t actually a floor. The janitor is going to have to fish the sign out of the pool now.


8. Electric Car

Source: PumpedDownKicks
If you drive a fancy electric car, oil is pretty much a joke. It’s unnecessary. This guy decided to rub it in everyone else’s faces that he was different (better) than them.


9. Mystery Book Selection

Source: Mr-Wonderfull
A prankster at this Barnes and Noble turned every book on the mystery shelf backward. It’s happening at bookstores and libraries all across the world. Lots of places have bookshelves that are falling victim to this prank.

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