11 People Share How Differently They Were Treated By Their Parents Over How Their Younger Siblings Were

Being the eldest sibling means that you were born to handle responsibilities, it also means that a lot of people are expecting so many things from you. It also means that you should already expect a difference or rather a big change on how your parents would treat you vs your younger siblings.

Many have asked but we still don’t know the real answer as to why parents can treat firstborn children differently than their siblings. Just like these 11 funny but relatable tweets about how differently they were treated by their parents over how their younger siblings were pampered.

If you know why this happens, don’t forget to comment, because really, we also want to know!

1) Fading strictness

Source: The WeirdWorld
Do you agree that when you are an older child, you can’t help but notice how your parent’s strictness fades away when it comes to your younger siblings. Talk about being cool parents with their youngest.


2) The melted butter

Source: Dragonsquad34
When your parents are so strict with you but you see how they turn into melted butter when it comes to your siblings? Well, this is something anyone would definitely notice!


3) Sorry dear Mom and Dad but…

Source: RHOKII
If you fail to clean your room and do your homework, you are threatened to be kicked out but his little sister? That’s a different story, the parents just take away her phone and that’s it. Sorry but we are noticing the difference here too.

4) Always a “yes”

Source: merrellgomez 

This Twitter user said that their youngest sibling always ask for things because her parents can’t even say no to her. Do you agree?


5) The second parent

Source: Quincy
Being the elder sibling, it means that your parents expect that you would be responsible. Most of the time, you are entrusted with your siblings.


6) The unfair life

Source: alicewhitley98
When you are the oldest sibling, you get the first seat. To what, you ask? To seeing how your younger siblings get away with all the things that you were not allowed to do.


7) Everyone gets one!

Source: enriqaye
When you have asked your parents for something you really really want and they finally give it. The twist? All your other siblings have one too – effortless!


8) Is this the same mom?

Source: abbygov
Twitter user shared how her mom cried for 3 days and how she got enrolled to addiction therapy when her weed was discovered.However, when it was her little sister’s weed that was found, she just politely asked her to stop smoking. Do they even have the same mom? LOL


9) Just had enough

Source: IKeepItReal
Sometimes, you just want to come up to your parents and just tell them this. Have you done this before? How did it go?


10) Let’s unite!

Source: abbygov
Don’t you think it’s time? Let’s unite, all of us older siblings against better conditions and equal treatment! Today, we claim what we deserve!


11) How did this happen?

Source: t6ngerine
He was threatened to be kicked out and to be cut off from his family because his parents found weed and for his brother?They even planted weeds for him. Well, this is more than just unfair, don’t you think?

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