7 People Who Hilariously Fooling Us With Their Age

Isn’t it nice to be babyfaced? Imagine looking younger for your age and people complimenting you for your juvenile features. Well, that’s fine until you grow older and realize your body has aged but your face hasn’t. Now, that’s creepy!

And then, there are also people who are too young to be mistaken as 40-year-olds, but that’s just how they look: like 40-year-olds!

These people’s faces just don’t match their owner’s actual ages and you might be surprised at how big the difference is!

1. All underaged


Source: Reddit
Believe it or not, these burly men with weird hair are all underaged. They are actually minors they are all from Michigan. So, is there something about the water there that makes young men look like older than their age?


2. The hair does not help at all


Source: Reddit
Okay, he looks so young and while you might think he’s a high schooler, this guy is actually 24 years old. And his pink hair isn’t exactly helping in making him look like his actual age.


3. Hi Teacher!


How would you react if you saw this guy sitting in the midst of six graders? You probably thought “What a tall sixth grader!” But, what you probably did not realize is that he is not a grade-schooler at all! He is the kids’ teacher, actually!


4. A young-looking member of the parliament


Source: Reddit
Is it bring your kid to work day? Why is this young man in his father’s chair in the Belgian parliament? He can’t possibly be working in there, right?


5. Senior or junior?


Source: Reddit
This old man seems to be very excited about the gift he received. Oh, wait. He’s not an old man at all! Just an old-looking kid with weird hair and senior citizen glasses.


6. Decades of difference


Source: Reddit
Oh, so she’s a 4th grader! And here, I thought, she was the school principal or something. Well, she also looks like a receptionist, just as they said.


7. Thank goodness he has a beard


Source: Reddit
Without this man’s beard, people would probably see how young-looking he is. You can’t miss that babyface!

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