8 Facts People Can’t Believe They Only Just Learned Today

There are a lot of things today that we know of, but do we really know everything about them? Apparently, a lot of these people did not, and they’re willing to share what they found out.

Here are 8 facts and discoveries that these people just knew, and wanted to let others learn about it too.

1. In the next few years, it’s rare to have one at home

Source: Reddit – BulbasaurJesus
Apparently, English bulldogs are on the edge of extinction. That’s what happens when people spend generations of inbreeding the bulldog breed deriving them from 36 individuals.


2. They’re always half awake

Source: Reddit – WhileFalseRepeat
Birds and dolphins can set half of their brains awake, while the other half asleep. In that way, they could still monitor their surroundings while asleep, potentially avoiding danger.


3. That’s one way to know

Source: Reddit – amansaggu26
Europeans didn’t know where birds migrate during winter. They only knew that they were migrating in Africa when a German hunter shot down a stork with an African spear impaled in its neck in 122.


4. The universe had a collaboration

Source: Reddit – Just-Jaime
Fun fact: Our galaxy, The Milky Way, and its neighbor galaxy, Andromeda once collided. The collision gave birth to another elliptical galaxy now called the Milkdromeda galaxy.


5. These fishes are always warming up

Source: Reddit – WouldbeWanderer
Instead of cooling themselves with the surrounding water temperature, Tuna is one of the three species of fish that does the opposite. They maintain a higher body temperature by intertwining the veins and arteries in their body.


6. That’s why they call her the “songbird supreme”

Source: Reddit – iajzz
Mariah Carey was able to close/open her garage door by playing one of her tracks. That high pitch in that particular track did the trick.


7. Giving pineapple-haters more reason to hate it

Source: Reddit – heyysooos
You may notice that your tongue hurts after eating lots of pineapples. That’s because they bite you back with the enzyme bromelain. It also depends on your tongue’s sensitivity.


8. Hopefully you don’t come across one

Source: Reddit – KimCureAll
The red-velvet ant was also known as the “cow killer” because of its extremely painful sting. Although, they’re technically a parasitic wasp, not an ant, and that’s one more reason to stay clear of them.

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