12 Brilliant Wedding Details That May Seem A Bit Extra

Many people grow up imagining what their wedding day will be like, planning out all the little details from the cake to the dress to the flowers to the first dance. It’s a day that deserves to be truly one of a kind in all the right ways, and if you’re looking for fun, fresh, and totally original ideas to make your wedding extra special, read on!

1) Hire A Wedding Painter


Source: Images by Berit
Everyone has a wedding photographer, but what about a wedding painter? Professional artists can create beautiful paintings of your wedding scenes, from the moment you say “I do” to your first dance, surrounded by family and friends. Let your loved ones and their smartphones snap the photos will you use your photographer budget on a painter instead.


2) Photos Of Younger You As Table Numbers


Source: Kio Kreations
Why not get creative with table numbers by attaching photos of you and your special someone at various ages? It’s a fun way to add a unique twist to each table.


3) Crazy RSVP Cards


Source: Gray Cloud Print/Etsy
Before the wedding even begins, you can start having some fun with unique RSVP cards, like these ones which allow your guests to respond ‘mad libs’ style.


4) Leaves As Place Cards


Source: papercasestudio/Etsy
If your wedding has a natural theme, using leaves as place cards is a wonderful decorative touch that can make a big difference.


5) Bouquet Alternatives


Source: Marnie Cornell Photography
Why follow tradition and give the bride and bidesmaids bouquets when you can get creative and think outside the box? At this wedding, bridesmaids were given colorful tambourines to play together.


6) Furry Friends Add To The Fun


Source: Autuman Cutaia Photography
Many couples, particularly those who love animals, like to get furry friends involved. You can bring your own pets or even give a fun day out to some local rescue animals and maybe find them a new home among your friends and family.


7) Printed Vows


Source: Witt Designs/Etsy
Vows are some of the beautiful words you’ll ever say to your partner, so why not get them beautifully printed in a way you can store and look back on forever more, or even display around the home?


8) Pretzel Stands Are All The Rage


Source: RusticAndPipeDecor/Etsy
One of the hottest and most unique trends in wedding food right now is the pretzel stand. Perfect for snacking and loved by all, pretzels are the ideal partners on any happy wedding day.


9) The Magic Of Candlelight


Source: Offbeat Bride
Sure, you can hire big fancy spotlights or have fairy lights draped around your venue, but there’s nothing quite as pure and magical as classic candles.


10) Edible Bouquets!


Source: Dessert Boxes
Flowers or donuts? We know which one we’d choose! Edible bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are becoming more and more popular and there are lots of options out there.


11) Remembering Those Who Can’t Come


Source: JolieMaeCollections/Etsy
Sometimes, an elderly relative or someone we love who passed away won’t be able to make it to our wedding, but we can still remember them on this special day with signs and chairs set aside just for them.


12) Dress Up Your Pets


Source: YvettesLittleShop/Etsy
If you’re bringing a furry friend along for the fun, dressing them up is a great way to add cuteness to your celebrations!

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