9 Parents Who Hilariously Put Their Kids On Blast Online

Kids love social media. In this day and age, our kids spend more time on social media than playing outside with friends. Parents feel differently about their kids spending so much time online and while some disapprove of it, others have an internet presence themselves.

Have you ever wondered what happens when kids meet their parents on Facebook? It’s a bit of an embarrassing situation for kids when they get chastised by their parents on Facebook! We’ve prepared you an awesome list of parents who put their kids in the line of fire on Facebook. If you thought parents can’t have a formidable Facebook presence, this article will definitively prove you wrong!


1. Dad demonstrates he can take selfies just as good as his daughter


Source: Bored Panda
Every now and then, our folks get the urge to feel young again. Or, in the case of this girl’s dad, to show his daughter he can also take selfies.


2. ‘The year you stop writing stupid shit on Facebook’


Source: Reddit
Parenting is hard. It becomes even harder when your kid can write almost anything on Facebook.


3. My mom is a party pooper


Source: Bored Panda
It’s never a good idea to write on Facebook that you’re planning a party at your house behind your parents back. This kids mom was having none of it.


4. Staring at the ceiling isn’t quite the same as staring at your textbook


Source: Bored Panda
Parents are always struggling to find the best way to motivate their kids to study. It must be frustrating for this dad to realize his kid prefers starting at random things to staring at his textbooks.


5. When two worlds collide


Source: Bored Panda
Young couples today take full advantage of social media to show to the world just how much they love each other. But there’s no reason for the folks not to the same.


6. When reality hits


Source: Bored Panda
It just sucks when your parents keep reminding you to get a job, even on Facebook. That’s one of the downsides of sharing your feelings on social media.


7. Partying naked gone wrong


Source: Bored Panda
Posting on Facebook when you have a hangover after a night of partying might not be a good idea. But when you realize your parents did just the same years ago it puts things into a whole new perspective, doesn’t?


8. Ronald Weasley and his mom


Source: Bored Panda
Ouch. Parents do seem to enjoy setting their kids straight on Facebook. It pays to be extra careful about what you post when your folks have a Facebook account.


9. Sleep tight, there are no cougars around


Source: Bored Panda
Cougars aren’t exactly the best birthday present for a kid. If you don’t listen to your mother, you’ll be in big trouble.

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