11 Amazing Plus-Size Brands That Celebrate Body Positivity

Being body-positive is such an inspiring trait that all women should strive to have. You gotta admire a woman who absolutely feels comfortable in her own skin! Although there are still some folks who ignorantly rant over the imperfections of women and the need to live up to impossible beauty standards, there are still people and organizations who support body positivity in women.

These days, size is not really something that matters anymore. You can wear whatever you want and be your own brand of beauty. You don’t even need to worry about finding the clothes that will fit your size because these 11 clothing brands got your back!


1. Target

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Everyone knows Target. Currently in eighth place among the largest retailers in the United States, this brand caters to almost everything that every person needs. Part of their product lines are the affordable active wear for women that absolutely supports body-positive women.



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If you are looking for a wide variety of plus-size clothing, then ASOS is the right choice for you. This British fashion and cosmetic products retailer has designs for active wear that is not only limited to plains and regular patterns. They even offer fun and colorful designs that brings out the best look in women as they grind in the gym or outside. The fact that they also ship worldwide is nothing short of fantastic, too.


3. Old Navy Active

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Discover a huge collection of size-inclusive active wear for women in Old Navy Active. The brand, which is owned by retail giant Gap, has everything you need for your daily grind. From yoga pants, running shorts and sports bras, this amazing brand has it in store for you!


4. K-Deer

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Known for their fabulous stripes and plaids incorporated in active wear for women, K-Deer is also expressive when it comes to supporting body positivity. Their sizes are inclusive and are not just made to fit skinny women. Its owner, Kristine Deer from New York, started the company because of her love for yoga and made sure that the brand always consider every type of woman.


5. Nordstrom

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Nordstrom has always been associated with luxury. The brand’s chain of luxury stores aim to cater to all women, all sizes and shapes. It is one of the most successful brands that has been around since 1901!


6. Superfit Hero

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This brand believes that women who are confident and strong can totally change the world. Their aim is to provide these strong and capable women of the clothes that will fit them, no matter what size they are. Their products are made to withstand highly active work-outs so you don’t need to worry about performance.


7. Nike Plus Size

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Nike has always been a favorite brand around the world and when it decided to launch its plus-size line in 2017, everyone was absolutely thrilled! You can get active wear up to size 3X and you will surely not be disappointed with the brands proven quality!


8. Skirt Sports

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Nicole DeBoom, Skirt Sports’ founder, is a former pro-athlete herself. She decided to create her own running skirt design and from there, branched out to creating other active wear such as leggings, bras and jackets.


9. Fabletics

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Fabletics is a brand that was founded by Kate Hudson and it offers a collection of fashionable fitness wear that are in various chic styles and prints. The brand offers bras, leggings and gears. In 2017, they increased their sizes offered up to 3X.


10. GAME by Universal Standard

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This brand offers a modern collection of performance apparel that show-off a high-tech vibe. The available sizes are from 10 t 28 and the products are quite known for being ultra-comfortable.


11. Champion

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Looking for full-support sports bras? Champion is the brand that is the perfect fit for you. Depending on the style you prefer, you can get sports bras with sizes 38C to 42DDD.

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