10 Parents That Have No Shame Making Fun Of Their Kids Best Way Possible

It is usually kids who play pranks on their parents or make funny jokes about them. As the saying goes, like mother like daughter, so often times these kids have smart and funny parents too. After all, peoples personalities are largely shaped or inherited by their parents thanks to their sense of humor. But in some cases the parents outshine their kids in the humor department. Take for instamce these 10 instances that follow, in which parents troll or poke fun at their children. The results are gold!


1. Mayo Is Watching You

Source: w0rmholes
This dad decided to put googly eyes on practically every item in the refrigerator! How can you possibly drink milk from the jug with the puppy eyes?


2. Family Photo

Source: deftkillerstu
Well, this picture seems to be saying “If you choose not to follow us on our family vacay, there’s someone else who will”! And it’s absolutely brilliant!


3. Mushroom Brother

Source: abacazam
These parents used to tell their kids that they had another child who turned into a mushroom from not having a bath. They went so far as to put pictures of “him” in the family photo album! Hilarious!


4. Embarrassing

Source: spikeypeach
Can’t imagine how embarrassed their kids were when the parents posed like this for the photo! It had to be done though!


5. Gymnastics

Source: boomdeyada
When you post such a bold picture on social media, you better be prepared for someone’s response. This guy’s parents trolled him in the best way possible.


6. Dog Room

Source: Bwrighterp
When you leave for college you’re probably worried that your parents will feel lonely and sad at the sight of your empty room. Not these parents, who decided to turn their child’s room into the dog’s room!


7. Panc-man

Source: biticonjustine
When your dad decides to play with his pancakes, this is what could happen. This guy took pacman to the next level!


8. Over Protective Dad

Source: slippinjimmy
This dad decided to take some extreme measures to make sure his child won’t drive carelessly. So he came up with this funny idea.


9. Virginity Protection Blanket

Source: RuggedlyHandsome
This is what this dad calls the blanket with his face on. No wonder why he came up with this name!


10. Cool Doctor

Source: GrapefruitSurprise
This dad is a gynaecologist and he was on-call for Christmas. Now imagine him doing rounds in this outfit- we bet he made the patients’ day!

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